What We Know

After collectively spending many years in the advertising and communications business, we’ve learnt a thing or two:

We know that many advertising and marketing people are fond of a drink, so our office is right next to the pub.

We know not to call you before 4pm the day after Axis, the Effies or the Media Awards.

We know that you probably want at least another $20k and benefits before you’d even think of moving.

We know the agency probably doesn’t want to spend that much. Luckily, we know a thing or two about negotiation.

We also know the ones to watch. Who’s doing great work, who’s winning awards and who’s winning business. And for that matter, who’s on gardening leave.

We have a fair idea who would be a good fit with an agency’s culture. Or not.

We know the importance of getting to know you. Not your underwear size or what you like to watch on telly, but the crucial stuff like where your head’s at, where you’re heading and what’s in that head.

We know the more thorough the brief, the better the result (a lot like advertising really).

We know most people in the industry. If we don’t already know you, see our little black book.

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