Handy Things To Know

A few helpful links and contacts to help you get that brilliant new advertising or marketing job, get a better job, or get yourself sorted once you’ve got it.


CV skills a bit rusty? Check out this helpful site for some tips or to build a CV.

Crossing the ditch or the world? Check out this link for more details on immigrating to our small yet wildly desirable country.

If you’re thinking about unchaining yourself from the desk and going freelancing or contracting, here’s a link to get you up to speed with all that boring but essential tax stuff.

So you’ve got the job, but now you need a lawyer to ensure your contract is watertight and fire-proof? We recommend Emma Butcher of LangtonHudsonButcher, a savvy and highly experienced New Zealand employment lawyer.

Long established as the bible of the advertising industry.

M+AD! – New Zealand’s media and advertising news daily.

As its name suggests, the latest, greatest TV ads from around the world.

News, views, blogs and feedback from the marketing and advertising industry.

Get rich with ideas on this smart talking site for creatives and entrepreneurs.

The lowdown on business news including advertising and media posts and blogs.

One of the world’s leading sources of new business ideas to buy, borrow or steal.

Sister to Springwise, this site keeps tabs on the latest social and media trends.

Creative thinking and critique from advertising legend, Dave Trott.

A creative industry network focussing on the design and advertising sectors, started by a Kiwi, 180,000 members and 15,000 companies that use this site.

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